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The owners are four individuals dedicated to enjoying life to the fullest.  Pictured left to right (Cristal & Craig Cole "DJ Slice" and Paulette & Herb Atkinson).  Our organization was started amongst a friendship that has endured for more than a decade.  The name of the organization was created out of a humorous moment that we all shared one evening. Needless to say, the organization was started with laughter and fun times! Our passion is to produce signature social events that will leave a lasting impression on  the mature crowd. Our unique talents consist of many years of experience in the entertainment,  event planning and corporate industries domestically and internationally.

Each event is developed with a theme and will always have our personal touch.  We bring a high level of organizing and planning to our functions. We exercise care in choosing the locations of our events.  They are sought out with the intention of always having a touch of class.  The expectation is for our guest to have the best experience each and every time that you attend one of our functions. People are the reason that we are successful with our business.  We would like to thank all of our supporters and hope that you will continue to network with us for many years to come.

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