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W.T.H. ProductionZ is committed to producing events for the mature crowd that allows people to "let their hair down one stress at a time".  

We are four individuals dedicated to enjoying life to the fullest. This is one of our core values.  Our organization was started in 2017 amongst a friendship that has endured for more than a decade.  We each bring specific related industry skills to our services.  Our passion is to produce social events that enable the mature crowd to come and enjoy themselves amongst like minded people. Our mission is to always provide top notch, classy and sophisticated extravaganzas.  Our unique talents include many years of experience in the entertainment industry where we have developed professional relationships with some of the most prestigious entertainment professionals in the industry . What makes us stand out is our ability to connect and network with people in order to produce the most spectacular events in the community with our signature touch. We particularly target the "mature crowd" as that is a part of what drives our mission. It is our experience that people need somewhere to go to have a nice time and we are providing that atmosphere.

DJ Slice of Magic 95.9 live on air on the metals ones and twos in the studio (below video).


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